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"WOODLOOP" Organizer Basket LARGE

"WOODLOOP" Organizer Basket LARGE

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The combination of beauty, convenience and environmental friendliness - this is what makes these products unforgettable and important accents in your life✨

They add a touch of coziness and warmth to any room, with a style that can easily be matched to your design taste✨

And these organizers are wizards of order in the world of cosmetics! 💄

Let your collection shine in elegant and exclusive knitted baskets!


We also have two other sizes of these organizers available on our site, so you can choose the size you want, depending on your needs.


• 100% cotton
• High-quality knitted yarn
• Bottom is made of wooden plywood
• The handles are wooden rings

• Made in Ukraine
• Handmade


• length - 16.9 inches (43cm)
• width - 5.9 inches (15cm)
• height - 4.7 inches (12cm)


• Delicate hand wash at a temperature of 30 degrees
• Then squeeze out water thoroughly (do not twist!)
• Unfold on a towel
• Shape the basket, and leave it to dry
• Alternate from time to time

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