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"RING" 3 Round MINI-Organizer Lidded Baskets

"RING" 3 Round MINI-Organizer Lidded Baskets

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These charming knitted MINI-organizers are not only practical, but also embody style and environmental care.

They are a model of eco-consciousness, as they are made from natural materials.

Each can become a cute helper in your home, keeping small items organized and adding aesthetic charm to the interior.

The minimalist design and natural tones make them versatile for any space, and the handmade craftsmanship adds special value. With them, it's easy to create coziness without sacrificing functionality or responsibility towards nature.


•100% cotton
• High-quality cotton cord
• Wooden holder ring on lid

• Made in Ukraine
• Handmade


Three pieces

  • Diameter 3.9 inches(10cm)
  • Height 3.9 inches (10 cm)

  • measurements are taken into account with the lid


  • • Delicate hand wash at a temperature of 30 degrees
    • Then squeeze out water thoroughly (do not twist!)
    • Unfold on a towel
    • Shape the basket, and leave it to dry
    • Alternate from time to time
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