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"RING" Set of 3 Round MEDIUM-Organizer Lidded Baskets

"RING" Set of 3 Round MEDIUM-Organizer Lidded Baskets

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Our set of round, handmade cotton rope baskets in a natural color offers both style and functionality. These baskets provide a convenient and organized storage solution for any room. With lids to protect your belongings from dust and moisture, these baskets are designed to keep your items safe.

Crafted with durability in mind, these organizers are perfect for storing a variety of items such as cosmetics, jewelry, and craft supplies. Their attractive appearance and natural color add a touch of elegance to any room, making them versatile decorative elements. Whether used in a work area or studio, these baskets help you maintain an orderly space.


•100% cotton
• High-quality cotton cord
• Wooden holder ring on lid

• Made in Ukraine
• Handmade



  • Diameter 5.9 inches(15 cm)
  • Height 3.15 inches (8 cm)


  • Diameter 5.9 inches (15cm)
  • Height 3.93 inches (10cm)


  • Diameter 5.9 inches (15cm)
  • Height 4.72 inches (12cm)

  • measurements are taken into account with the lid


• Delicate hand wash at a temperature of 30 degrees
• Then squeeze out water thoroughly (do not twist!)
• Unfold on a towel
• Shape the basket, and leave it to dry
• Alternate from time to time

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